/follow featured in Canard PC

A nice article on /follow in the french magazine Canard PC :)

Download /follow’s soundtrack! :)

Some folks asked us if we could release the soundtrack, and as it seems that a lot of people really liked it, here it is!

OST cover
Download /follow OST
(zipped .wav files + cover)

And if you want more, check out Mathieu’s Myspace!

Results are in!

The results are in!

We got the third place in the Jam, a few medals including the gold one for the audio (congrats Mathieu! ^^)

Thanks to everyone who played and rated our entry! :)
See you again in April ^^

Also, check out the Compo results, our friends deepnight and Benjamin got the third and fourth places!

Check this out! :)

Behold this freaking cool drawing by @my2k!
The Girl and the Bodyguard never had so much pixels of awesomeness in them ;)
So follow @my2k and check out her work, it’s great!
The Girl and the Bodyguard


This was the first Ludum Dare in wich I actually participated instead of just playing the games or watching Notch’s livestream ;)
As you know, I worked with Carduus so I could concentrate on the code while he was creating the art.
I also asked a friend of mine, Mathieu, to work with us on the music.

I’m sure I would be glad to read this in April, before the next LD, so here is my postmortem for this edition: read more »


During the event, Carduus and I have recorded our screens in order to make a timelapse.
Mine is not really interesting, as it’s mainly code, and hardly readable at this resolution, but check out the one Carduus made!



New version online!

I had time to add the alternate ending and the credits, I did a few minor corrections/tweaks and I quickly made a real page to house the game ;)

Also I would like to thank everyone who played the game!
We’re receiving a lot of positive feedback, that’s really appreciated, so yeah, thanks guys! :)

Here you go, enhanced version:

The game is released!


This last day has been REALLY hard…

There is still a lot of little things I would like to change, and the alternate ending we wanted is not in this version, but at least we did complete a full version in time.
Those little corrections will have to wait though: can’t do any more tonight.

Thanks to everyone who commented, tested, and followed us during the jam.
Thanks to the Ludum Dare team and participants, it was a really great adventure…
Thanks to Motion-Twin for inviting us to its IRL gathering. Look at their games: Deepnight, Warp, Bumdum, and of course Eole ;)

I won’t hesitate to say “I’m in” for the next one!

Here is the link to the release version of our game:

Playable demo

After 48 hours, we still have a few things to do in order to release the game, wich is fine since we have until tomorrow (monday) night to submit it.

Still, we put together a raw demo (just 3 screens).
- There is no preloader yet, so be patient (~2Mo)
- You will start directly ingame, in a fast-action sequence (this will not be the case in the final version ^^)
- There may be one or two bugs left (all right there are…)
- The scaffoldings level cannot be completed (yet)
- And there is A LOT of refining and tweaking left to do, so.. yeah.

Click on the picture to play Version updated to the full release


And if you still want to complain about this unfinished demo, here is our answer :D

New music track and a few screenshots!

New fabulous track here: Chase

Since we’re participating in the Jam, we officially have 72 hours to release the game instead of 48, but we’re trying to make it anyway.
We might have a hard time trying to finish tonight (less than 7 hours left) but hopefully at least we won’t have too much to do tomorrow.
Stay tuned! :)