The rats have taken the gold of your people!
You are sent into the tunnels under the enemies' feet in the hope that you will arrive undetected to the treasure.

Use the map (SPACE + RIGHT) and the sounds of the surface to locate the exact spot.
You may also place beacons (SPACE + LEFT) to mark specific points that might help you.
When you think you are in position, dig up (SPACE + UP) to find out!

Let the surface's sounds guide you towards your objective. Learn to recognize the clues on your map.
Hover over the blueprints to see what's drawn.
Those are churches. You won't miss their bell ringing.
Beneath fountains, you can hear falling drops of water.
Tchoo tchoo!
Those giant grass-eating beasts do some kind of "Mooooo".
Rats use a lot of wood. Under those places you can hear a wild racket.
Let's go!
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Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare #29 - Source code
Art: noc. & Grmpf - Music: CPT CAPSLOCK - Code: Grmpf & 01101101